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A condition known as male or female patterned baldness or alopecia areata is most prevalent cause of thinning hair. The best way to cover up these patches of fine hair atop your head is by using a hair extension topper, this is used to cover hair loss and can be worn with bangs. Because of the various ways you can use bangs, I doubt if it will never go out of fashion.

Hair toppers are designed in different styles, colors and sizes just so you don’t run short of the amount you need for the coverage and that you get the perfect match for your natural hair.

Trying clip-in extension bangs or snap bangs isn’t a bad idea as it also helps in covering receding hairline. This however, depends on the area which you have the thinning hair.

Before you make use of hair extension toppers or bang hairpieces, ensure that there is at least one inch of healthy natural hair for them to be clipped on, so you don’t cause further hair loss. Ensure that you apply and remove hairpieces properly, this is very important.

We’d now explore some innovative ways bangs can be made to blend with our day to day hairdo. With these solutions you will forget you had hair loss in the first place.


Bangs are a quick fix to thinning hair because they help produce volume. The idea behind this is to have a knowledge of the quantity your hair can handle and the products that will give you what you want. Knowledge is power, a combination of that and the right equipment, and your bang will generate that front end volume to your astonishment.

Below is how you can style and treat your bangs to achieve full volume:

Revitalize the roots: When you gently comb your bangs from the roots, you can suddenly uplift the hair in such a way that it alters your hairline. Get a thin toothed comb from Amazon or a dollar store and that should do the job perfectly. With the comb, brush the hair in the opposite direction to get instant volume. When you repeat this method while working on your bangs through your hair’s roots you will experience the difference in your looks in no time.

Always keep the neat: when you go about your daily activities, your hair is bound to pick up dirt and other external things that can be damaging to the hair if ignored. Endeavour to keep your bangs fresh and clean and you stand a better chance of hiding the thin hair on your head. This is not to say you should wash them every day, because washing them requires the use of products and the constant use of these products can cause greasy and oily roots which would in turn add to the dirt.

Use only products meant for thin hair: if you would prefer to nurture your own bangs rather than using Clip-In bang extensions then it is best you use products that are specifically meant for thin hair only. These products contain ingredients that are suitable for those with thin hair. Another familiar source is Rogaine, if you visit the Rogaine’s website, you will find information that states that Rogaine is clinically proven to nourish hair growth by up to 25 percent and is equally recommended by dermatologist. Dry Texturizing spray is great product to too, it helps thicken the hair’s appearance as it builds the texture and increases the volume of your bangs.



Bangs may appear like old school but here’ the interesting thing about bangs, there is no limit to the style you can make with them, just get creative and you can make any style of your choice. You could decide to go for the modern long look, bold look, definite chop, you name them!!! Bangs can give you whatever you choose, but below are a few I would recommend:

Side Swept: Raquel Welch is a clip-in extension bang known as “The Chameleon”, and represents the exact meaning of its name. The monofilament is designed such that the bangs blend perfectly with your natural hairline, making you look simple, but gorgeous.

Classic: Looking for a classic way to wear clip-in bang extensions? Then this is the perfect choice. Its straight edge gives you that classic look and apparently is the best solution for thinning hair without the need to cut the hair. It is cost effective as well.

Long: With the application of our EASIFRINGE clip in bangs which are heat resistant allows for you to add a wispy curl if you desire to give you an entirely different look.


The secret solution for thinning hair lies in the use of hair extension toppers. This takes the place of wearing a full wig that covers up your entire hair, with Hair Toppers you can just get the exact amount of coverage you need for the area it is needed. Though Hair Toppers with bangs make an excellent blend, but the introduction of hair toppers means you no longer need to rely on bangs as your only option.

Go for a hair topper that comes with a lace front and a monofilament part to give you a complete natural hairline look with multi-directional parting. Raquel Welch’s Top Billing is one we’d recommend and it can be customized, has a wide range of colors, so you don’t have to worry about finding a perfect match. And it’s quite affordable too.

Visit our hair extension toppers collections and check out the variety of style and lengths that are available and select the best hair loss and thinning hair coverage that suits you.


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