Light Blonde Virgin Tape In Extensions



Why Virgin Hottie Hair?

The most common color of hair in the world is black at about 84% of the world population. Because of this 99.9% of extension hair is made from inexpensive black hair from India or China. In order to change the color it requires chemical processing and in most cases the hair cuticle is striped during this process. This changes the integrity of the hair and so manufactures will coat the hair in silicone so that it feels soft and shiny. After a few washes the silicon begins to wash out and you end up with dry and or unmanageable hair.

Virgin Hottie Hair is made from real European hair and is the same color it came from the donor. Healthy hair in its natural virgin state is the absolute highest quality of hair in the world and is reusable in some cases 2 years or more. Wash after wash Virgin Hottie Hair keeps its brilliance allowing you to get extended enjoyment out of your hair!

How many pieces of Tape In hair extensions do I need?

• 10 – 20 Pieces to add highlight or add volume to long hair.

• 30 – 40 Pieces To Add Volume and length to the hair longer than shoulder length.

• 40 – 60 Pieces To Add Volume And Length To Short Hair.

• 60 – 80 pieces would be the maximum to put in.

Additional information

Weight 0.16 oz
Dimensions 0.25 in
Virgin Tape In Lengths

18", 22"

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