Halo Hair Extensions

Real Remy Halo Hair Extensions: made in two amazing high quality products. The first is the traditional one piece halo made from real Indian Remy Indian Human Hair. The second is our very own design called the Clipo. It is a three piece set that combines Clip Ins with Halo Hair Extensions to make a unique multi use full head coverage set. The once piece halo we stock in 16″ 100g and 20 120g. The Clipo we stock in 16″ 120 grams, 20″ 150 grams in our hair store.

Indian Remy Halo Hair Extensions

Gently Processed High Quality. Real Indian Hair. Halo Hair Extensions.

Indian Remy Halo Hair Extensions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Halo Hair Extensions

Women Demonstrating How To Put On Halo Hair Extensions

Halo Hair Extension 101

What they are, and how they are different?

There is a vast number of different types of hair extensions to choose from these days. The halo hair extension is a newer type that has taken the industry by storm in the temporary hair extension category. It has gained tremendous popularity in the last decade.

Now you have heard about the halo but you may have not seen one in person. You might be wondering how does it work? What is this new type of hair extension on a wire? How does it stay on? Is it right for me?

In This Article We Will Go Over Everything You Need To Know About The Halo Extension:

  • What is the Halo Hair Extension exactly?
  • How does the Halo Hair Extension work?
  • How does Halo differ from other types of hair extensions?
  • How does a halo stay on? Can it fall off?
  • Should you get a Halo? Will it work for me?

What Is The Halo Hair Extension?

The halo hair extension is the newest type of hair extension that does not attach to your own hair. Instead it makes use of your heads natural shape and sits comfortably on your head like a crown with a hidden wire. However, your own natural hair will sit on top of the halo firmly holding it in place. This is in contrast to most all other hair extension types that attach to your actual hair in some way.

How Do You Wear A Halo Hairpiece?

In this video we will demonstrate how to wear a halo hairpiece:

How Is The Halo Different From Other Hair Extension Types?

There are two main categories of hair extensions. The first is temporary hair extensions or the do it yourself category. The second is permanent hair extensions or the professionally installed category.

The halo falls into the first category and is significantly different in that it does not actually attach to your own physical hair.

Here is a brief explanation of how some popular types attach to your physical hair. For the most part, the name of each type generally gives you an idea of how they work.

Temporary Hair Extensions:

  • Clip In: Generally attaches to your hair with many small comb like clips that snap into place in many spots all over your head.
  • Ponytail: Generally attach to your hair after you have put your natural hair into a ponytail. Can be attached in many ways from a claw style clip to wrapping the hair around your ponytail and the use of bobby pins or ribbon to hold it in place.
  • Halo: Generally sits on the crown of your head with the main hair piece on the back of your head and the wire on the front of your hair about and inch or two from your hairline. It is gently wedged underneath your natural hair. Thus hiding the wire and hair piece under your natural hair.

Permanent Hair Extensions:

  • Micro Bead: Generally attaches to your hair by threading your hair and the extension hair into a metal silicone lined micro bead and crimping the bead in place with pliers.
  • Tape In: Generally attaches to your hair by sandwiching your own hair between two 1.5 inch wide pieces of hair that have medical grade tape at the top of each piece in many spots all over your head.
  • Sew In: Generally sections of your natural hair is micro braided. Then weft pieces in various widths are hand sewn with thread and needle to the micro braids.
  • Fusion: Generally are bonded to your hair with a keratin glue to hundreds of spots on your head.

While there are others types this is sufficient to show you how vastly different the halo extension is from other types of hair extensions.

You can see why this type of hair extension has grown tremendously in popularity. In the fact that they do not attach to your own physical hair vs most other types.

This gives them tremendous advantages in the category of safety to your own natural hair as well as speed of install.

What Advantages Does The Halo Extension Have Compared To Other Hair Extension Types?

As stated above they have two primary advantages over other hair extension types. The first being safety to your own natural hair. The second is speed of install. The third advantage is comfort.

1. Does The Halo Extension Damage Your Hair?

They do not damage your hair at all. They do not attach to your natural hair. This means that they can not damage your hair in any way. This is in stark contrast to all other hair extension types that require attachment to your natural hair in some type of way.

2. How Do you Install The Halo?

They are installed in most cases 30 seconds or less. This is extremely fast in comparison to most other types of hair extensions that require 30 minutes to many hours.

3. Do Halo Hair Extensions Hurt & Is it Comfortable?

The halo does not hurt and is extremely comfortable to wear. The best way to describe the comfort of the halo is it feels much like wearing a hat. You can wear the halo all day and take it off in a quick second just like a hat. They are extremely comfortable in comparison to other types where you can feel the various attachment mechanisms in your hair. Some other types are actually quite painful.

How Is The Halo Compared To Other Types In Safety, Install Speed and Comfort?

They fall in the temporary hair extensions category and can be best compared to clip in hair extensions. Second, we will compare them to permanent hair extensions such as Micro-Bead, Tapes-In, Sew-In and Fusion hair extensions.

The Halo Compared To The Clip In Hair Extension:

  • 1. Safety: The Clip In hair extension is attached to your hair with small comb like clips. They snap into place on your natural hair, that has been teased in order for it grip to your hair and stay in place. Each time your remove and install the Clip In some of your natural hair can be caught in the small combs and can come out with your hair. Over time of removing and reinstalling daily can result in damage to some of your natural hair. Styling the Clip In should also be done carefully as they are now attached to teased spots of your hair. This means brushing, should be done with great care in order to avoid tugging on the attached spots of your natural hair.
  • 2. Install Speed: The Clip In hair extension usually comes in anywhere from seven to eleven weft pieces varying in width. Each of the wider pieces have anywhere from two to five clips on them. In order to install each piece you must create a parting section and tease each spot that the clips will be attached to. This can take upwards of thirty plus minutes to install a full set. Removing can also take upwards of five minutes.
  • 3. Comfort: The Clip In hair extensions use metal comb clips to attach to your head. You will feel each spot that a clip is attached to your head and the weight of the hair on your natural hair. Wearing Clip Ins for many hours can start to feel uncomfortable.
  • 4. Advantages: The Clip In hair extensions mainly come in sets of seven to eleven pieces. This means you have a lot of freedom in where you can place each piece of weft hair. Giving your tremendous versatility in placement. This is in contrast to halo extensions in which you generally place one much larger wide piece of weft hair that wraps around the back of your head to the sides.

The Halo Compared To The Micro Bead Hair Extension:

  1. Safety: The Microbead hair extensions are attached typically with a metal silicone lined hair extension bead. They can be threaded on individual strands of your natural hair such as I-Tips in hundreds of spots. The main safety concern with them is that they are prone to spinning around as they are attached to much smaller sections of your natural hair. Spinning can damage your hair. Styling is similar to Clip Ins as they are attached to hundreds of spots of very small sections of your hair brushing and washing must be done with great care. Sleeping requires braiding to avoid tangling or spinning. They can also be threaded with your natural hair and attached using wider weft pieces similar to the size of Clip In wefts. These require much less attachment spots and are not prone to spinning. However, styling, washing and sleeping require the same extra care.
  2. Install Speed & Cost: The Micro bead hair extensions must be installed be a skilled and experienced professional. This can take upwards of forty five minutes to many hours. Skilled professionals are not cheap and the quality of hair must also be much higher which adds considerable cost. Professional hair is usually ordered and will take some shipping time and another appointment before it can be installed. As your hair grows in they are required to be removed and reinstalled every four to ten weeks by a skilled professional. New hair depending on the quality will need to be purchased at minimum every three months and at maximum every year plus.
  3. Comfort: The Microbead individual extensions are not comfortable. Hundred of millimeter wide strands and beads are attached to your natural head. While the beads are flat to your head you can guess that sleeping and wearing them daily can be uncomfortable. Beaded weft hair extensions are much more comfortable as they have much less attachment points and lay very flat to your head. However there is no nightly relief as they are attached in a very secure manner to your natural hair.
  4. Advantages: The Beaded hair extensions do not need to be removed each night. Customizing placement gives you tremendous versatility. Salon visits gives you tremendous options in custom coloring your hair with the extensions.

The Halo Compared To The Tape In Hair Extension:

The Tape In hair extensions are very similar to micro bead weft hair extensions. The difference is the attachment is with a medical grade taped hair that gets sandwiched over 1.5 in wide thin sections of your natural hair. Considered very comfortable and are by far the most popular type for permanent hair extensions today.

The Halo Compared To The Sew In Hair Extension:

The Sew In hair extensions are very similar to micro bead weft hair extensions. Except for the fact that is takes considerably more time to micro braid your natural hair and then hand sew the custom width weft pieces to your natural hair. It is also much less comfortable as you feel the tight braids in your hair.

The Halo Compared To The Fusion Hair Extension:

The Fusion hair extensions are very similar to individual micro bead hair extensions. Except for the fact that they are attached with a keratin type glue. This means in general they are not reusable and new hair must be purchased every few months. Some still prefer this type as you can create even small attachments than I-Tips which can create and incredibly natural look. However you can add a considerable amount of time to install and removal process in comparison to all other extensions.

Why Choose The Halo Hair Extension?

The halo hairpiece has an extensive list of pros and little to no cons and are a great choice in comparison to other hair extension types.

Here Is A Quick Recap:

  1. You can order the halo yourself and received it in a few days. You can visit a professional establishment for a color matching. Some establishments like ours even have them in stock so you can get it as soon as today. Otherwise they can help you order one. You can have it custom cut and fitted at a salon just once. No more need to visit a salon.
  2. Super Easy! In less than 30 seconds it can be installed and takes just a second to remove.
  3. It’s extremely comfortable to wear. So comfortable you can often forget your even wearing it.

How Long Will My Halo Hair Extensions Last?

They can last for 3-12+ plus months depending on care.

With so many advantages you can see why the halo extension has gained tremendous popularity in the last decade. If that was not enough, we have actually created a new design that will compliment both halo and clip in lovers even more. We call it the Clipo! Check that out here.

Can The Halo Hair Extension Be Dyed?

Yes, you can deposit color on the halo. It is made with real 100% remy human hair. You can take it to a hair salon, to a professional hair stylist or dye it yourself at home as you would your own hair. It is highly recommended to dye a test strand before you color all of it. This will insure that the color you dye it looks correct. It can be helpful to first wash the hair piece before coloring it, then air-dry it. This will allow it to take the dye more effectively. It is not recommended to bleach it or use any type of lightener on it. This is to insure that your hair piece does not get ruined or dried out.

How Much Does A Halo Hairpiece Cost?

The cost will vary by brand. However, this design is available for $160 for 16″ 100 grams and $200 for 20″ 120 grams.

Can You Sleep In Halo Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can sleep with it in. If you do so, you should braid your hair first. However, it is a very fast hairpiece to install and remove. It is often easier to to just remove it before sleeping, then put it back on after waking up.

What Is The Most Common Uses For Halo Extensions?

There is an almost innumerable amount of different hairstyles you can achieve with the halo hair extension. However, the main reason most women love halo extensions is because they are extremely easy to use. It really is just this simple. Longer, thicker hair in seconds!

Is The Halo Hair Extension Right For You?

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

1. Do you find that no matter how hard you try, your hair won’t grow past a certain point?

2. Do you have thin hair and wish you could make it thicker without expensive chemical based products, permanent hair extensions that might damage your hair or go over your budget?

3. Does the idea of getting permanent hair extensions and the additional daily care and maintenance required not sit well?

4. Do you wear permanent hair extensions but need to give your hair a break but miss having them in?

Halo Extensions have helped millions of women achieve the perfect look without all the hassles Clip Ins or permanent hair extensions.

Once you try it is quite literally life changing.

How Do You Put On Halo Hair Extensions?

It’s simple really. They work with most hairstyles! Simply place it on your head, sitting firmly and comfortably on your crown with the wire 1- 2 inches from the front of your hairline. The weft goes to the back of your head and sits under your occipital bone.

Here’s a video to show you exactly how to put on the a halo:

How Do Halo Extensions Stay On?

One of the biggest concerns when considering purchasing a Halo hair piece is whether or not it’s actually going to stay on their head and if it’s secure.

This is a very understandable concern as it is not actually attached to your own natural hair like other hair extension types.

The question we often get is: “If it is not attached to my hair then how does it stay on? Why will it not fall off?”.

Why Halo Hair Extensions Will Not Fall Off

It may be hard to grasp at first without actually trying it on and wearing it but quite simply it sits on your head firmly at a perfect angle and while it is not necessary your own natural hair does sit on top of it helping it further to stay in place.

Here is a video demonstrating how all this works:

Additional Reasons To Consider Purchasing Halo Extensions For Yourself

1. Volume: You may only want volume. Trimming a halo to the same length as your own hair will achieve this look in seconds.

2. Length: You may only want length. Having your Halo cut and styled by a professional will ensure that you get natural length added to your look. Enhancing your own hair style.

3. Length & Volume: Most women want both, length and volume. A Halo is perfect for that!

Whatever your preference is, it’s achievable and can look incredibly natural.

If you have anymore questions or need help with color matching feel free to contact us anytime. We will make sure to get back in touch with you ASAP.

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You may or may not be familiar with halo hair extensions and are probably are new to the concept of a Clipo. We would love to help you get to know these two amazing types of hair extensions. The halo first came about because many women were struggling to put 7 to 10 pieces of clip in hair extensions into their head everyday. Also women were noticing when they wore clips ins allot their hair was still subject to damage where the clips attach. Thus the one piece halo on a wire came about where you could add volume to your hair fast without out any damaging side effects of prolonged use. However we still had many clients who love the full coverage that a set of clip ins offer but they want an easier way then using the traditional 7-10 pieces. After much thought Hottie Hair founder CryStyle designed the Clipo a 3 piece combination set that could be worn as a 3 piece clip in set or a 1 piece halo and 2 piece clip in set. This gave both clip in lovers and halo lovers the option to get full coverage with less pieces to install. Both options are still loved and can give you a much easier and safer choice for your hair.

Our Indian Remy Halo Collection

Our Indian remy halo extensions is the first type of once piece halo hair extensions that Hottie Hair made. They are made with four weft layers and and adjustable wire. They are offered in two lengths with different gram options to take into account each person’s hair length and volume.

Indian Remy Features

  • Made with a four layer weft base
  • Offered in  16″ 100 grams, 20″ 120 grams
  • Made of 100% remy Indian human hair salon quality
  • Virtually no shedding
  • Can withstand heat, and dye

Should I Pick Indian Remy Extensions?

Our Indian Remy Collection is good for you if:

  • Your hair is fine and fragile
  • You have thick hair
  • You have medium to thick short hair (blunt/above shoulder length)
  • You prefer more volume at your roots
  • You plan to use them for ponytails or down styles
  • You plan to dye the extensions (the fabric can be dyed)

Our Clipo Collection

Our Clipo extensions are a part of a new collection Hottie Hair came out with in 2018. An upgrade to our original designed Indian Remy Halo set, this set has two additional face framing pieces. As well as a full set of 5 clips on the main halo piece so that it can be worn clipped in or with the wire or a combination of both. The main piece also has just as much hair is the original one piece indian remy set. This allows you to wear it all by it self if you like as well. We think you will love all the flexibility and options you get with this new design!

Clipo Features

  • Made with a lace backed double weft base plus two 3 inch clip in pieces
  • Offered in 16″ 120 grams &20″ 150 grams
  • Made of 100% real Indian remy human high-quality hair
  • Virtually no shedding
  • Can withstand heat, and dye

Should I Pick Clipo Extensions?

Our Russian Remy Collection is good for you if:

  • Have fine above shoulder hair
  • Have fine hair but a lot of hair strands
  • You have an average amount of hair
  • You want a more natural look with less volume at the root
  • You have balayage hair
  • Want to add sun-kissed dimension to your hair with no commitment and no damage

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Just like any other set of extensions your halo hair extensions (Indian Remy or Clipo), you should treat these much the same as you do your own hair with a few extra tips and tricks. Watch the video tutorial by video blog Natalie Corona beneath on how to care for your extensions.

With your Indian Remy or Clipo set, we suggest to be careful of the wire when washing or styling as it is breakable. Be careful when holding or handing it by the wire.

Just like our other types of hair extensions these can be washed with warm water utilizing a conditioner and shampoo. Afterwhich, to keep them in good shape air dry them or towel dry them. Avoiding heat will make them last longer.

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When styling your remy hair extensions with hot tools, we propose placing your device at 120C/250F tiers or lower. Anything higher puts you in danger of harming the hair, similarly as with some different halo extensions. These sets are different from your own natural hair because they do not receive the hair oils that keep your hair moist and in good shape and after some time unnecessary warmth and high temperatures may wear down your set.

These extensions are truly high quality and really do not need to be styled with a high temperature and will very easy style at a lower one as recommended. Thus preserving them and helping them last much much longer. We do recommend if you have a heat protectant spray to use it as well.

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Hottie Hair halo extensions, Indian Remy or Clipo, once in a while may experience some shedding.

The kind of thought that’s place into your extensions can influence the quantity it sheds. With acceptable thought, shedding is basicly going to be pretty much non-existent. You’ll limit shedding by maintaining your Hottie Hair and tenderly brushing them along with your Loop Brush once every time you use them. It will not catch on or hurt your wefts.

To figure out a way to gently brush hair expansions, it’d be ideal if you watch the educational exercise by video blogger Hot Stuff Beauty below.

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Much an equivalent as your actual own hair, Hottie Hair extensions may be curled, blow-dried, shaped and flat smoothed. Therefore in order to safeguard and expand the lifetime of your Hottie Hair extensions, in any case, we tend to propose to reliably utilize a heat protectant preceding styling your set.

Also, we tend to prescribe to simply utilize a lower heat setting of 120C/250F, as something higher risks harming the hair. The motivation behind why we tend to prescribe selecting a lower heat setting is on the grounds that it’ll drag out the lifespan of your set. whereas our actual own hair would possibly handle a high heat setting, our hair is likewise continually obtaining oil from the scalp, tho’ hair extensions do not get that sort of consistent nourishment.

See this video by video blogger mirrorsandhaze below on curling extensions to mix with short hair.

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Hottie Hair extensions are made with 100% real remy human hair, which implies they can be washed and styled simply like your own common hair. Since Hottie Hair extensions don’t get oils from the scalp like regular hair does, nonetheless, they should not be washed as frequently, as they won’t get sleek or oily like common hair.

We prescribe to just wash your Hottie Hair each 15-20 wears or just when there is a great deal of product to the point where they become unmanageable to style. Watch the video underneath for full directions on the most proficient method to wash to appropriately wash your Hottie Hair, or look down for well ordered guidelines.


  1. A sink which can be stopped
  2. Shampoo (Alcohol / sulfate-free)
  3. Deep Conditioner (Alcohol / sulfate-free)
  4. Hair oil
  5. A wide tooth comb, loop brush or wet brush


Some hair items are stacked with alcohols and sulfates, which are incredibly drying on the hair. Since hair extensions don’t get normal oils from the scalp, they are now dry essentially, and it is ideal to safeguard dampness in the hair however much as could reasonably be expected. This will guarantee that the extensions look sound and delectable, instead of dry and dull. You can likewise utilize a cleanser and conditioner explicitly intended for shaded treated hair or for hair extensions.

Stage 1: Brush your extensions

Have you at any point scrubbed down, developed with wet, tangled hair and need to wrestle to detangle it? Brushing your hair before showering will keep this, and hair extensions are the same. Prior to washing your extensions, give them a decent brush with a wide tooth brush or oar brush from base to top, tenderly removing any bunches and tangles in the hair. At that point, place every weft flawlessly over one another like when you initially get them, to keep them tangle free during the washing procedure.

Stage 2: Prepare your sink

Guarantee your sink is squeaky clean to abstain from existing earth transferring to the extensions. At that point, plug the drain and begin to top it off with tepid water – we don’t need the water to be excessively hot or excessively cold.

Siphon 2-3 touches of cleanser into the water, and wash the item around in the water so it’s pleasant and foamy.

Stage 3: Shampoo every weft

We prescribe to wash your hair extensions one weft at any given moment (halo wefts can be gathered into one pack). This will guarantee that every weft gets washed completely without the set tangling. On the off chance that you are short on schedule, notwithstanding, you can package the extensions with a versatile and wash everything cautiously in one go.

Hold the weft is one hand at the top, submerge it into the water, and tenderly wash the hair, working the cleanser in with light strokes. Be exceptionally mindful so as to not tangle the hair. When you have washed the weft with cleanser, put it aside perfectly on a towel and rehash similar strides for the remainder of the wefts.

Stage 4: Deep condition every weft

When every one of the wefts have been shampooed, it’s an ideal opportunity to condition them. This is a critical advance, as it guarantees that your extensions remain saturated, sustained, and delicate. We prescribe to utilize a profound conditioner for this progression, to truly enter the hair shaft.

Take a liberal measure of conditioner and apply onto every weft through and through, massaging the item completely into the hair.

In request for the item to truly absorb and do something amazing, we prescribe to abandon it on medium-term. Pack your extensions and cautiously curl them and spot them in a shower top to leave medium-term. This will seal in the dampness for the duration of the night.

Stage 5: Rinse out every weft

The following morning, altogether rinse out every weft, ensuring that there is no conditioner buildup left on the hair. A typical oversight is to just wash the hair midway, leaving it with “the slip”– that elusive, delicate feeling subsequent to conditioning. This is a no-no, as it really leaves item on the hair, which overloads it or makes it look oily when dry.

When washing out every weft, rinse it again with virus water, which will help close the fingernail skin of the hair to seal in the dampness and make the extensions increasingly shiny. This is an incredible trap to attempt with your regular hair too for that additional gleam and shine!

Stage 6: Lay every weft out to air dry

We prescribe to air dry your hair extensions instead of utilization heat, as the hair does not get revived at the scalp, and using high warmth can hurt the extensions in the long run.

Prior to setting up your extensions to dry, make sure that the hair is totally wrung of water. At that point, spread out the majority of your wefts independently on a towel over a level surface. A trap to preventing any frizz once the hair is dry is to apply a little measure of hair oil to every weft to guarantee the hair remains reasonable and satiny.

Stage 7: Comb every weft

We as a rule prescribe not to search over wet hair as it is progressively flexible and can break effectively, be that as it may, in request to guarantee that your extensions dry straight with next to zero tangles, we prescribe to delicately brush through every weft with a wide tooth brush from base to top.

What’s more, that is it! Leave the wefts to dry, and tell the truth smooth, hair extensions, prepared to install halo extensions into your hair.

FAQ About Washing Hair Extensions


No, Hottie Hair extensions are prepared to destroy straight of the crate! Hair extensions are a clean item and have been altogether purified at our production line. They are totally sheltered to destroy right of the container.


We exceedingly prescribe to utilize characteristic, and natural hair items if conceivable. Ensure the hair items are sans sulfate, liquor free, and are intended for shading treated hair or hair extensions. This will guarantee that your hair extensions have a more drawn out life expectancy.


Except if the hair has a great deal of hairspray or other item development, this isn’t required. Instead, you can tenderly brush out the twists with a delicate fiber brush from base to top, and utilize a hair straightener to fix the extensions. Make certain to utilize a warmth protectant splash before straightening, and to utilize a low to medium warmth setting.


Hottie Hair extensions are of Indian or Russian origin, hence, should dry with a slight wave. Make certain to brush the extensions straight before air-drying medium-term. A few sets could be possibly dry with a slight wave, in any case, can be styled with hot styling devices to accomplish any ideal look.

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