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Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

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Eyelash extensions are a great option for Las Vegas, NV women bothered by sparse, short, or thin lashes. Whether your lashes have thinned out due to aging, you're tired of applying mascara every day, or you just want to look your best for a special event, eyelash extensions may be just what you need for an everyday boost or a supercharged look.

Our trained professionals can help you get the long, lush eyelashes you want — without mascara. If you're interested in eyelash extensions in or around Las Vegas, visit Hottie Hair. Request a free consultation or call (702) 979-4468 or text to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained professionals.

Keep in mind that each guest is unique and your results may vary.

90-120 MINUTES

A free consultation will include determining which length and weight is best for your natural lashes. After discussing your desired look, single synthetic mink or mink eyelashes will be attached to your lashes. Eyelash extensions can last for up to 4 weeks best case. However bi-weekly touch-ups will be necessary to maintain a full look. All new clients must start with a full-set.


Maintenance is ideal to keep your custom eyelash extensions full and fabulous! Refills should be done every two weeks or when your lashes have 50% of the full-set remaining. Less than 50% will result in a full-set charge.


Need to just add a little extra fullness to your existing lashes? Come in for a quick mini refill if you still have 75% or more lashes remaining. 

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Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas FAQ

Q. What are eyelash extensions?

A. At Hottie Hair, eyelash extensions are a series of carefully selected lashes attached individually to your natural set. The Hottie technique we use lengthens and adds volume, curl, and dimension to each individual lash. Eyelash extensions can be glamorous, they can be intense, they can be fun – it all depends on the style you select with our qualified staff!

Q. How long does it take?

A. We apply our extensions lash-by-lash for the most beautiful results, and the process takes about 90-120 minutes to complete on your first visit. So the first time you come in, come ready to relax.

Q. How long do they last?

A. These babies can last 4 weeks if you treat them with a little TLC, but to keep them at their most fabulous we suggest that you come in every 2 weeks for maximum awesomeness!. That’ll always take less time than the original application…which takes us to our next favorite question:

Q. Will it hurt?

A. Not at all! At Hottie Hair we make sure that everything is done just as it should be – which means zero pain for you! If you’ve ever experienced pain getting eyelash extensions, something wasn’t right with the service. In fact, most of our clients fall asleep – it’s just that chill with us!

Q. What kind of glue do you use?

A. We use a surgical grade, formaldehyde free glue.

Q. What are your lashes made of?

A. Mink mink and mink! Whether that means synthetic mink, a silk/mink blend, or 100% Siberian mink from cruelty-free sources, you can be assured that your lashes will feel heavenly.

Q. Do they damage your natural lashes?

A. Funny you should ask! The truth is that, when applied properly, eyelash extensions are actually less damaging to your natural lashes than constant mechanical curling and daily applications of mascara. Some of our clients even find that their natural lashes get longer and stronger when they have the extensions because they don’t have to fuss with them!

Q. Can I wear eye make up?

A. Definitely! Just ditch the traditional mascara, since its ingredients break down the glue!

Q. Can I wear mascara?

A. For those of us that absolutely cannot live without the black stuff, we recommend using a special mascara that is formulated to work with extensions instead of against them. Most of the time, though, our clients just forget mascara ever existed after they get extensions!

Q. Can I get them wet?

A. This is important so we’re going to repeat it in a minute: after 48 hours, yes, absolutely. But everything is still delicate for those first 24, so make it a party and invite your friends over for martinis….and then get them to wash your hair for you.

Q. Can I swim, shower, exercise, or visit a spa while wearing Eyelash Extensions?

A. We’re serious: this is important. And this isn’t the last time you’ll hear us say it. Yes – but wait 24 hours! The bonding agent we use is waterproof, so you can swim, sweat, shower to your heart’s content. Just wait! It’s just a day, you can make it! Lounge! Have a picnic! Just don’t get them wet!

Q. How do I take care of them?

A. It’s down to common sense and just a couple of rules. The first rule you’ll know by now if you’ve read through this FAQ so far: DO NOT get them wet in the first 48 hours! The second rule is to use oil-free products around your lash-line – be particularly sure to use an oil-free eye makeup remover. Otherwise, it’s pretty much down to leaving them in peace: be sure not to rub or pull on them, and avoid those mechanical curlers (because they pull!). Just be gentle like you would with all beautiful things.

Q. I love them. How do I keep them up?

A. Because our extensions are bonded to your natural lashes, they will fall out along with your natural lashes over the course of several weeks. Keep them pristine by coming in for a fill every 2 weeks if you can.

Q. How much is a full set of lashes?

A. We start out a full set of lashes at $150 and generally this fits most peoples needs!

Q. How do I get an appointment?

A. Simple! Call or text!

Call (702) 979-4468 Or TEXT Today For Lashes You Will Love!