Erran - Hair Stylist

Erran - Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist - 25+ Years Exp.
Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702.979.4468

My journey as a Cosmetologist began when I was a youngster of a Cosmetologist my mother Elena. I studied cosmetology at Zenzis BC in San Francisco California in 1993. I'm a women's rights advocate and I love animals and I strive to be as amazing in the industry as Tabatha Coffey.


We are excited to have Erran on the team! Here are some reviews from past clients in San Fransisco.

Brendon S.
 Erran Andrews is a wonderful stylist.  He listens to his customers and is able to translate their ideas and input into the style they crave.  Erran is always courteous and communicates to his clients about time changes on the rare occasion they happen.  I highly recommend Erran, he is very attentive and has a high attention to detail that is a rare find.

Mrs. K.
 I have been a client of Erran's for over four years now and he deserves a FIVE star with each haircut.  He is super meticulous and will not ALLOW you to walk out until the hairstyle meets his standards.  The best testament though is how the haircut grows out and I must say, I get more compliments weeks after the haircut than right after the haircut!  I've recommended him to many friends and so far, every one is perfectly styled.  Added bonus ... he's super sweet!

Michael K.
 I cannot more strongly recommend Erran. Every time I've come in for a haircut, I've spent the first five minutes jabbering about what I want, with him asking questions and making suggestions to clarify or help me figure it out. If only everybody were such a good listener! And then he is so patient and careful, taking his time to make sure that my hair is just right. And as all the other reviewers have said, he is an incredibly sweet, good-hearted person.

Elliott e.
 I had an idea about how I wanted my hair.  Erran listened and added his own touch to it.  At first, my reluctance to change was strong, by the time we were done; it wasn't what I wanted, but something much better I couldn't imagine myself.  It was a color and cut that I have not needed to tend to in over a month.  Wash and run..thank you.

Angela G.
 My go-to salon when I'm in SF. The price is reasonable for SF. I've gotten a cut + highlight from Erran and a cut from Eric. They're both amazing. I'm very low maintenance when it comes to hair, and spending the extra money on a great haircut in the interest of saving time and frustration is definitely worth it.

Jason T.
 Erran is a superstar at cutting hair. He's been able to flawlessly execute my instructions for cutting my typical, male Asian fro-y-esque hair--short on the sides, longer/textured on top. The haircuts have allowed for easy management and consistent styling for a good 2 weeks before I find myself looking like a Furby and rushing to schedule a haircut/haircut cleanup.

Alicia O.
 A great conversationalist and incredibly easy to communicate with. Also accommodating in terms of scheduling when you really just want to get that haircut done, despite short notice.

Last night at work, I was fiddling with the ends of my hair when I thought, "Whoa. It's been a good five months since I've had a cut." Which in some ways was fine - I'm growing my hair out to donate it, and I'm not interested in having it styled until I do a big chop.

But there were split ends and frazzled edges that I suddenly knew were hindering my lengthening abilities. So I did a quick Yelp search and found myself making an online appointment with Erran for a nice morning hour (Hooray for pre-work availability!).

Erran was warm, polite, interesting, smart, and very good at "dusting" my hair. Very interested in returning here when the time comes.

Ariana L.
 ERRAN ANDREWS is AMAZING! He lives and breathes hair and truly has a passion for it and I can tell every time he cuts my hair with such precision. He is always on point and has a great honest personality! I don't let anyone but him touch my hair, not even myself! Haha. You will see for yourself if you have him cut your hair! :)

Corey S.
 So this stuck up New Yorker waited fair to long to get a hair cut and then moves to San Fran. This is certainly no Le Salon East. No wine, no magazines, no shampoo girl who can almost make you orgasm by massaging your head, and no Jason. 

I Yelped Salons in my area and came up with this one and then booked an appointment with the most talked about stylist. I then forgot my stylist name and then went with Erran which then pissed off the other guy. That other dude was completely unprofessional. It was my mistake but he actually said something in front of me. Anyways I was glad to have Erran. He gave me exactly what I wanted and filled me in on all the gossip going on in San Francisco.

There is a dog in the shop and I was sorta afraid he would bite me ( I am afraid of all dogs) and there was no wine but his is San Francisco. So I just have to deal with it.
I booked my appointment in 5 weeks with Erran Andrews.

Matt P.
 Erran Andrews, men's cuts:

Guilty cheapskate and still kind of am. I used to hit up X barbershop or Y stylist for a men's haircut because they were easy and cheap but I always walked out with a "meh" do. Guess what? A "Meh" haircut makes you look "Meh." I know it, I was the walking definition of "Meh" after a few of those bad boys - slinking out the door and hoping my friends didn't see me until I could hit the bathroom and splash water all over it. Same thing happened at the pricey joints with the free beer and men's mags everywhere.

Erran has the knowhow and spends the time to give you more than "Meh". I actually said "whoa. Cool!" after a haircut in SF. So stop kidding yourself and let Erran fix your "meh".

Martha N.
 I liked my previous stylist but I moved so I needed to make a change.  Someone recommended Erran and I couldn't believe that he was even better.   He gave me a more flattering color and cut.  I'm an instant repeat customer.  You can book online.

JSB ‎ - Jan 30, 2012
 Crystal is a gifted stylist! I've never had a haircut I didn't like and I've been seeing her for 5+ years now. Locals and Tourists alike will be happy with the service and quality work from Hottie Hair! I was there when they had 5 women from Kentucky walk in wanting cut/color/style. Crystal and her team worked together and rotated the women from one booth to the next so each stylist did one thing with each client. Very impressive and great teamwork.

Kortni S.
 Erran Andrews

One of the greatest hair cuts I've ever had. Erran can cut men's and women's hair, he is super nice, friendly, and down to earth. He takes his time and really knows a lot about what he is doing and the products he uses.

I won't be going anywhere else until I move out of SF!

Lars B.
 Erran Andrews is fantastic. I'm very sceptic about hairdressers because I've never been truly satisfied with the end-result. While I was visiting SF I saw that this place had great reviews so I decided to book an appointment online. It was worth it! He's very precise and found a great look for me for a reasonable price; I've paid about twice as much for cuts I wasn't half as satisfied with.

Jessie P.
 Ok, so this is embarrassing to admit, but I have never yelped. Have I used it to find phenomenal places since 2008, do I use the mobile app to pull my head out of my ass and find that dive bar I'm looking for in a new city? Yes, absolutely. So, why now? One man, two words:


I love this man. I found Galleria Hair Design by yelp over a year ago. It was close in proximity to my work and had some great reviews. I got scheduled to Erran by chance and have never looked back. In that first meeting, I had no idea what I wanted (I have longer medium brown hair and was looking to keep the length) and he made me a delicious shade of "almost blonde" that brought the green out of my hazel eyes. After many happy summer months of my lighter hue, I requested a darker shade for the fall. He transitioned me perfectly, with nary a vampire or Angelina in her goth, kissing her brother phase-look to it (I have very fair skin). He also used a semi-permanent color to help repair my hair, but that also afforded me to find the perfect "in between" shade as it faded. After two months and many compliments, I realized the ends of my hair had faded to a delicious, natural copper brown. I booked an appointment, he saw me immediately, and after I asked him the impossible, "match THIS exactly, please!", he spent a few minutes creating a perfect cocktail of dye, handpainted in some highlights that shine from under the color, waited the appropriate amount of time (while I indulged in a People magazine that I would never allow myself to purchase), gave me a fantastic shampoo and an easy, soft do that flowed around my shoulders in a coppery brunette cloud with not a touch of hairspray (I hate hairsprayed do's more than people who judge me for reading People).
So now I'm gushing- which is appropriate I think for your first...yelp review, that is- but he's also a really down to earth guy who cares deeply for his clients. The value is phenomenal but you really can't put a price on a stylist who is a mindreader/mixologist/psychologist/color guru. He definitely has a client (and friend) for life in me..and maybe now that I've popped my cherry I'll start reviewing more!

John C.
 Erran Andrews - Hair Magician

When I moved from NYC to SF, I searched for a good hair stylist. Since I have cowlickly Asian hair, finding a hair stylist takes awhile. After trying all the "yelped" salons, I found Erran. He really listened to what I wanted and gave me one of the best cuts of my life. He takes his time to get it right. No rush jobs here. Try him and you will see what a great cut is.

Andrew K.
 Erran cut my hair. I have hard hair to cut and he knows what he was doing. He was a bit late getting started. He did take his time and I appreciate it. I think I might like going somewhere a bit more trendy, though this is a good back up. It wasn't quite cheap - $50 for a doo - and Erran only takes cash, despite a credit card logo on the door, a bit of a bummer. I did get a lot of compliments when I returned to the office.

Disha S.
 Loveddddddd the hair cut!!!!!!!

Erran Andrews did a fabulous job. He gave me a new different look. And my hair is now easy to maintain, looks great and feels soft. He takes his own sweet time to cut your hair but the end result is awesome. Would definitely recommend this place. The staff is good, and the place is worth visiting. Good deal for the price :)

Shirley C.
 Erran Andrews is an amazing stylist.  He listens to his client, gives great advice, and you will always be extremely happy with the results. 

Jen F.
 I went to Erran twice and he did a fantastic job! Listen very well and gave his good advice. He took his time and helped my fine, thin hair look thicker and fuller. I unfortunately moved, so can no longer go to Erran but will recommend him to anyone in the Bay area.
So what's holding you back???

Kerry M.
 i got my hair cut and colored there by Erran who i have found to be the best hair colorist there is!  His cut is pretty great as well! but to get red right and natural as well as he does is just simply impressive! he is a genius and a doll to be around.  I get compliments on how people wish they had "my" hair color and I love it.  what better compliment is there to get ? you can say im  a very satified customer....:)

John O.
 I have been getting my hair cut by Erran Andrews for almost three years now. He is by far the best stylist i have had, if he ever moved i will be bummed. He takes his time, is very professional, and always has something funny or interesting  to chat about. The space is clean and comfortable. Although i don't know any of the other staff they all seems cool. Go see Erran, you wont be disappointed.

Joshua F.
 Erran Andrews is an amazing stylist both for men and women!  I have been going to Erran for the past three years - ever since I moved to San Francisco.  Having lived in Miami and New York City before SF, I know a good stylist when I find one.  A stylist is like a trusted friend and once you find a good one, you don't want to let them go.  Erran is very talented and spends time with his clients, listens to them and helps create the best look for each individual.  He is equally skilled in styling men and women - - whether it is a quick trim or a more sophisticated style and color treatment.  Erran is so good that I referred my wife and now she goes to him as well!  I would highly recommend Erran and Galleria.

Xela H.
 Erran Andrews is the HAIR WHISPERER, a.k.a. the SCISSOR SHAMAN, in other words he has AMAZING medicine for your hair.

3 years ago I went to see him to resurrect my stripped, color damaged hair - I thought for sure I would have to cut it all off and start over. Erran's knowledge of cutting-edge products, highlighting, and styling brought my hair back to life, cut after cut, until one day my hair was fully healed and looking fabulous. It took several treatments/cuts to walk me through saving my hair but Erran's skill and encouragement got me through the process.

I recently got a cut/color/keratin treatment and style for a wedding I was in and everybody asked me "who did your hair?"

What I love about Erran is that he believes that EVERYONE deserves to look and feel Beautiful. He offers wonderful, intuitive dialogue about your hairstyle and about life in general. Erran is one of the best people I know. Cheers!

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